Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

Looking for a small business guide to Google Analytics? Has Google Analytics left you scratching your head wondering how to figure it out and what everything means?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Google Analytics is stuffed with different features that, at first glance, can be a little overwhelming. So much so that you may have just walked away from your PC thinking you will just take a look another day.

Well, that day is today! This fantastic infographic by Headway Captial helps explain some important parts about Google Analytics such as:

  • Why use Google Analytics
  • How to set up your account
  • Understand Google Analytics Home
  • Finding your site’s weaknesses
  • Finding out what your visitors are doing on your site
  • How to set goals for your site

You can then use Google Analytics to your advantage, helping you build a better strategy and even use this new found information to improve your SEO


small business guide to google analytics