Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store

Wondering what the anatomy of a perfect eCommerce store looks like?

When selling your products online, there are plenty of different ways you can optimise your eCommerce site to maximise the potential selling power. You will be surprised how even the smallest of changes can make the biggest of impact, helping increase your conversion rate, improve user experience and keep your customers coming back for more.

With most other sites, your homepage is where most of your action takes place, but with an eCommerce site, the magic happens in the pages that come after the homepage. The homepage of your eCommerce site should act as a shop window, highlighting the latest products and offers, along with your key products and clear CTA’s (call-to-action).

The pages that will play the biggest part in your online success will be your category pages, product pages, and checkout. So having the right layout for each of these, as well as making the process of going from each page and to the payment option as simple and user-friendly as possible, will all go towards seeing an increase in sales.

Luckily for you, to help you design these winning formula for your pages, the NUBLUE have put together this infographic that goes through step-by-step the anatomy of a perfect eCommerce store.


Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store