8 Things Your Support Team Should Never Say to Customers

Do you know the things you should never say to customers?

Whether you are handling your customer service yourself or you have a support team doing this for you, there are some sayings that should absolutely be on your no, no list!

We believe that customer service is a vital part of any business, and we also see customer service as a great marketing tool. The reason for this is offering fantastic customer service leads to customers telling each other how great the service is, ie.Word of mouth marketing. Still in our eyes, one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

So if you can get your customers experience optimised, no doubt your repeat customers and sales will just keep climbing.

So with this in mind, there are some things you should never say to customers, and this infographic from Sales Force Desk gives you 8 sayings for you to avoid.


things you should never say to customers